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The Committee is a non-profit 501(c)(4) group; donations are not tax deductible under IRS rules.


The Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee would like to thank all the viewers, donors, and volunteers taking part in the 62nd annual display of the Nativity Scenes, which ran from December 14, 2014, through New Year’s Day 2015 at Mount Olive Lutheran Church at 14th Street and Ocean Park Boulevard.

The Nativity Scenes Committee is deeply grateful to the people of Mount Olive Lutheran Church and Pastor Eric Shafer for providing a home for our display for the second consecutive year.

Our sincere thanks to our donors for partnering with us to meet our continuing display expenses of erecting and taking down the booths and storing them, for electrical expenses, and for transportation, liability insurance, advertising and mailing. Donations may be made at any time by clicking the button on this page. We appreciate your continuing to make possible this distinctive community presentation of the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of the Christ child.

Court Case Update
As you may recall, the city of Santa Monica banned our display from Palisades Park in 2012. We sued the city in federal district court for violating our constitutional rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The district court dismissed our case without a trial, and we appealed.

Now a three-judge panel of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has scheduled oral arguments (15 minutes per side) on Friday, February 6, in Pasadena. Our hearing, which is open to the public, is in line to start shortly after court opens at 9 a.m. in Courtroom 3 of the federal courthouse, 125 South Grand Avenue, Pasadena 91105. Changes in schedule are possible. For schedule updates online, please visit There is no deadline for the court to issue a ruling.

Our deep thanks go to William J. Becker, Jr., who has graciously donated countless hours to representing us and to his nonprofit Los Angeles law firm, Freedom X, which is devoted to the defense of First Amendment freedoms. Its website is We thank the Pacific Justice Institute for paying court fees.

Please pray for Mr. Becker and for a successful outcome of our court case.

Thank you if you would be able to make a financial contribution to meet expenses of putting up and taking down the scenes and for storage, insurance, and advertising.

Donations may be made by clicking the button on this page. Donations are not tax deductible.